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Liberty and Tyranny

July 4, 2010

If you have not yet read Mark Levin’s million-seller, you need to. If you read only one book this year, this is the one. You should read it, and you should buy copies for your family members and friends. I bought copies for both of my adult children and a slipcased, autographed copy for my father. Have I emphasized enough how important I think this book is?

This book was written just before the election of 2008, not after, and yet virtually everything Mark talks about has become an issue today as a socialist Congress and President push us as far as they can.

This is not just a book for conservatives. It is an excellent primer for anyone who doesn’t have a clear understanding of how our government is supposed to work – and how it is not.

Because Mark gets so passionate and emotional on his radio show, many people might be afraid this is more of the same. It is not. It is not a Glenn Beck rant. It is a well-reasoned treatise based on the Constitution, written by an attorney who was a member of the Reagan administration. It is now available in paperback. It is the best eleven bucks you can spend right now!

Available on, and at all other major book outlets – even at WalMart!

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