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This is your chance, citizens!

October 28, 2010

Next Tuesday is THE opportunity we have been waiting for for the last two years. The 2008 election found us demoralized before the election even happened, and I think it lowered voter turnout and not only affected the outcome of the Presidential election, but Congressional and local elections as well.

It had to get bad and then worse before enough people got well and truly pissed. That’s what is required this time around – we could make the case with logic and reasonable argument, but it’s not enough. People have to be motivated by something personal. Right now enough people are hurting, or know someone who is, that it should tip the scales in a number of places.

Here in Illinois we might just get a Republican Senator and Governor out of it. Not a really conservative Senator, but “Republican enough,” as in “The West Wing.” Mark Kirk couldn’t have been elected in the north suburbs so successfully being a hard-right conservative – too many liberals there.

It looks like we should get a significant number of Tea Party folks into the House, maybe a few into the Senate. Of course, the Senate only elects a third of the body every two years. If the whole Senate was up this year we could take it the way it looks like we will take the House this year.

But none of this happens if we don’t get out there and vote. Traditionally, Americans are not very interested in politics, really. They  have their lives to lead. Unfortunately that means that those who are interested tend to take things over from the great, disinterested mob.

Get out there and make your choices, citizens. In some parts of the country you will have more of an effect than others, but still, go do it.

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