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Health care for “kids” up to age 26?

December 1, 2010

Creepy, but somehow appropriate...

I heard Rush Limbaugh talking yesterday about the provisions of Obamacare that the Republicans will probably not try to repeal next year. It’s likely they did some polling and found that people liked their bread and circuses. Duh.

Two of those are forcing health insurance providers to longer use pre-existing conditions to screen customers, and for “children” up to the age of 26 to remain on their parents’ health care plan.

The first one of those, nice as it sounds, could bankrupt some of the companies. The second is a load of steaming crap.

I don’t know how they arrived at the magic age of 26, but obviously they were either (a) smoking something reeeeely goood, or (b) some congresscritter’s kids were still living at home.

Let’s see: If we had a draft, you could be drafted at 18. (I was in that group, at the tail end of Vietnam.) You can join the military and get married just about everywhere at the age of 18. You can even vote. (In fact, that was the selling point on the 26th amendment – we are already drafting 18-year-olds; shouldn’t they be allowed to help choose those who send them in harm’s way? Sounds logical to me.)

Back then, in the early 1970s, you could even drink, at least beer, in most states. Now, the drinking age is pretty universally 21 in the US. You can kill people for Uncle Sam at age 18, but you can’t come back from a hard day of killin’ ragheads and have a brewski? Where’s the logic in that?

No, I’m not sorry about the “ragheads” term. Be overweight most of your life and see what people call you. Muslims, get over yourselves.

So we think “kids” can be trusted with RPGs, guns, and tanks, but not alcohol. OK. Let’s say we are generally considered more responsible at 21. The flip side is that by that time, if you are responsible enough to act like an adult, you should LIVE AS AN ADULT. Sure, there are a few – a FEW – circumstances where adult children over the age of 21 might need to be on their parents’ insurance because of disability or such. But an able-bodied 25-year-old ADULT needs to take responsibility for his/her own life.

The only good thing is that the 21-26 cohort probably is as healthy a group as we get, so they cost relatively little to insure compared to, say, the 71-76 year-old group. Still, what were they thinking, and what the hell is Eric Cantor thinking now? Dude, you are doing some serious backpedaling…

The point is that the Federal Government has no reason to be involved in health care at all. Not one bit. Nobody talks about that. Sheesh.

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