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My letter to Mark Kirk

December 13, 2010

I recently got one of those email broadcasts from our new Illinois Senator, Mark Kirk, asking how I felt about the “bipartisan tax bill.” I punched the radio button saying I thought he should vote NO. The page took me to his site, where he gave his reasons why he will for FOR it. I responded with a little note to him through his web site:

I understand why you would vote for the tax bill to keep the Bush tax cuts in place. If that was all it did I would be delighted with it! Unfortunately, it looks as if it becoming another Democrat pork-laden monstrosity under the guise of the tax bill. That’s not surprising from this lame duck Democrat Congress, or even from the current makeup of the House Republicans, but I would far prefer that this be the BEGINNING of the stand to eliminate all this pork and other nonsense the Democrats, and some Republicans, have found so intoxicating.

I’d rather see the bill delayed until after the seating of the new Congress in January than get a bill that is not what we want or need, just because it “needs to be done now.” It DOESN’T need to be done now, not that badly.

I also believe that all this talk that a 35% estate tax is “the best we can get” is ridiculous. The estate tax should be what it has been recently, by accident: 0%. Taxes have already been paid on that property and no one should have to give away 35% (or 55%!) of their inheritance to the Federal Government. That’s outright theft, and I hope you and your fellow Republicans will remove that provision. If you have to have it in this bill, you can repeal it after the first of the year with the new Congress. PLEASE look at the way these kinds of taxed are strangling productivity in this country. The way to get more tax income is for people to make more income, not to squeeze more out of them. All that does is make them stop producing.

We’ve been to the brink and seen over the edge in the last year. Please help bring us back from that to the healthy, productive society we can be by doing everything you can to reduce the tax burden on Americans.


Jeff Waggoner

We’ll see how he does in the long run. He’s pretty much a RINO, enough of a moderate to get elected in Illinois. (His district when he was in the House was a northern suburban one, pretty much middle-left-leaning.)

If you’ve not heard what Rush Limbaugh said last Friday (12/10/2010) about this bill, go to his site and check it out. He’s right about the Republicans caving big time, just like they have for years.

Thank the Lord for the Tea Party folks. I hope that when they come in next month they will turn out the tables of the moneychangers and clean up the temple.

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