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Happy (Belated) Bill of Rights Day!

December 19, 2010

My good friend Steve Melillo sent me this link to a blog posting about Bill of Rights Day, which was December 15, and what it means today. The author, Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson, makes a good point about how the word “rights” has been twisted in relation to the government, especially by folks like FDR. He was the one who brought things like jobs and education into the area of “rights.” They are not, of course, and every person with a brain should know it.

It would be a wonderful thing if we celebrated Bill of Rights Day and Constitution Day, instead of, maybe, Labor Day. By today the reason for that holiday has been completely lost on Americans – assuming they ever got it. That would give us Memorial Day, where we would celebrate the sacrifices made by those in uniform; Independence Day, when we celebrate our independence from England; Constitution Day, when we celebrate the birth of our Nation (notice, that was not on Independence Day, really); and Bill of Rights Day, when we celebrate the freedoms we have that are guaranteed to all Americans.

They fall at good times, too. Memorial Day is at a perfect time in late spring, when it is beautiful outdoors to go out to freshen up grave sites. Independence Day is a wilder kind of holiday as befitting us declaring ourselves free, even knowing that we would have to fight a war because of it.

The new ones don’t work as a “back to school” holiday. Boo hoo, folks. Instead, they are during school, when children can be taught about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If the Federal Government wants to interfere in public school education, why not do so by mandating that all children learn the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Instead of filling their heads with lies about the First Thanksgiving and how Columbus came to American just to give the Native Americans horrible diseases.

It’s just an idea…

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