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Musings about free speech and the responses to the Tucson shootings

January 11, 2011

The nuts are all over this one, thinking they can do their classic reversal schtick and make people feel guilty as if, somehow, watching Glenn Beck on television makes us all somehow partially responsible for a mentally ill man to attempt to kill a congresswoman.

I don’t know why they continue to think that tired old Orwellian bit still works. MSM outlets like MSNBC have been pounding at us hard, because they have found that repeating lies over and over and over will still help them still creep into peoples’ beliefs. It can happen without you even noticing it.

We went though decade after decade of this with the people trying to build up race guilt. All those Americans of all races who never owned a slave or never even thought of making someone sit at the back of a bus were repeatedly told that they were racists. A lot of people grew up with this guilt embedded in their unconsciousness.

I’m still amazed that the backwards logic trick is still being used over and over by liberals. It should have been considered laughable years ago. It’s only because so many liberals in politics and the MSM continue to use it over and over and most of us generally just tune it out that it never seems to go away.

If all the folks with even a bit of common sense would just look at one of these tricks at the same time, we would all start laughing and pretty much make them shrivel up and blow away.

We really could do it, you know. If everyone just laughs at them when they try the reverse big lie, they lose their power. We really don’t need to counter their arguments. They’re too crazy to argue with, anyway. Just remember, friends, they have no power over us unless we give it to them.

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