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Musings on the role of Sarah Palin in the national conversation

January 27, 2011

Maybe “national conversation” isn’t the right term. A lot of the discussion is carried out by the “chattering classes,” of course, and I think it is mainly ignored by most of the hard-working “regular” folks. They tire of the 24-hour news cycle and care more about the price of gas and groceries than who the Speaker of the House is.

Anyway, as much as those folks pay attention, I would be willing to guess that what Sarah Palin says makes sense to them. She speaks plainly and talks about fundamental issues. She doesn’t sound like she is talking down to them. Sometimes she uses exaggeration or hyperbole for effect. She cares about her family and defends them when others criticize them unjustly.

Since she stepped onto the national stage in the 2010 election she has had to put up with more nastiness than anyone should have to. She’s not done anything bad to anyone. All she has done is told people what she believes. Most of that has to do with loving.
God, loving America – especially Alaska – and loving her family. She was willing to make all Americans members of her extended family. When she has been critical of politicians it has been because she cares for her country and its people.

Is she Presidential timber? I don’t know. I know that of all the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates in the last election, she was the only one who I thought really cared about America and Americans enough to protect us. Yes, I include John McCain in that list. Does he care about America? Sure, I have no doubt of that. Would he have the spine to defend us? At one time, perhaps. I don’t think he is so capable any longer.

I don’t know how “smart” she is. I don’t know how you define that. A degree from Harvard Law? Please! There goes Truman, Eisenhower, Reagan…well, actually, most Presidents, really. For all the talk about Obama’s supposed intelligence he sure can’t see what’s going on around him. Maybe a President doesn’t need to be smart as much as “street smart.”

(You know, if that’s true, Donald Trump might actually make a good President.)

In any case, I don’t think raw intelligence is the key.I believe integrity and a deep love for America and Americans, and the dream of what America can become, are far more important. Didn’t we all see that shining through in all Ronald Reagan did and said?

The chattering classes can say what they will. Sarah Palin has spent the last two years telling the whole world what America can be, how great it is, and how much she loves it. I think she’s going to continue to do that, as a candidate or not, and folks will continue to listen and be reminded of things they rarely hear anymore.

As I said, I don’t know if she should be President. I do know that she is doing great work for all of us right now, and I say God Bless Sarah Palin for having the courage to remind us who we are, and who we should be.

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