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This little difference of opinion in Wisconsin…

February 18, 2011

A friend of mine asked me why I hadn’t weighed in on the Wisconsin union bit. It does seem like something I’d have an opinion on, doesn’t it?  Here’s what I wrote to her:

“Arrrgh…I’ve been thinking about it. My problem is that I don’t have enough facts about the positions of the two sides. It’s too easy to make a knee-jerk reaction in either direction. I’ve seen good and bad about teacher associations. Other state workers’ unions are even more complicated. So…no commentary until I have a clearer picture. About 90 percent of what is being written is opinion, generated without being hobbled by facts and created to generate sympathy for one side or the other.
Does that make sense?
Besides that, I’m watchin’ Fringe…”
Actually, I started looking at some of the news reports on it tonight. I’ve been too busy this week to read or listen to too much about it. Maybe later. I do think it’s a classic case of news-spinning right now, but I don’t know much more than that everything I’ve heard is somewhat inflammatory.
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