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President Obama continues to turn things upside down

March 31, 2011

To really understand this, you need to read the recent National Review piece by Victor Davis Hanson. Essentially, take everything a Republican President has ever been criticized for in military actions in the Middle East…push it further…and then, because it is our Historic President, it becomes OK. Pre-emptive attacks on an oil-producing country? Check. Push Europe into acting? Check. Defythe Hollywood anti-war crowd? Check. Make the world face an evil dictator everyone was trying to justify? Check. Continue with recreational activities while running a war? Double check. (Bush never went to Rio!) Give interventionists new hope? Triple check! VDH is a far better writer than I will ever be…check out the article. I wonder, though, if Obama understands what he is doing, here…Limbaugh says this is all for his 2012 election campaign. Maybe so. Maybe he just found out that the power the President has to tell the Navy to do something is darned cool. (That’s a chilling thought!) But the bottom line is that all his minions, anti-war liberals that they are, have been dragged into a military action, and they have to smile and say they love it.

Irony. Wonderful, wonderful irony.


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