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Mixed bag o’ thoughts…

June 26, 2011

It’s 3 AM and I couldn’t sleep for some reason, so it’s time for musings…any and all of these may look really silly in the light of day. But I doubt it.

The recent flap over the Republicans leaving the Congressional budget “negotiations” is a load of, of course, steaming crap. When the Democrat party wanted to push through things like Obamacare they didn’t even include Republicans in the committee meetings. Always be skeptical of rhetoric from the congresscritters. Remember that they are mainly  trying to get re-elected. Actually helping the country is so far down the list of priorities it would scare you.

Besides, if the Republicans can be hung with the blame for the economic problems we have the Democrats would be delighted, moving into the 2012 elections. They don’t want the blame, certainly.

One place where I disagree with Rush Limbaugh a bit is that the Republicans in Congress, and Bush 43, do have to take some of the responsibility for the massive spending we’ve seen in the past few years. During the Bush administration we didn’t do much to curb the size of government.  Where Rush is right is that since Obama took office, that spending has skyrocketed. Bush wasn’t frugal, but Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress prior to the 2010 elections were absolutely insane. It doesn’t do us much good at this point to make a big deal to acknowledge that Bush 43 had a hand in the deficit problem…especially since it was so much smaller than what has come to pass since then.

Apparently there has been an Iowa straw poll, and Romney was on top with Bachmann close behind. Bachmann has been campaigning there, was actually from there, and is now from a neighboring state. That won’t help her other places. And 22 percentage points does not a landslide make. It does show that she is a serious contender and it should be a help as she tries to fundraise. I’d vote for her over the Rominator any day. But on the other hand, I’d vote for a ham sandwich over Obama any day.

I know it’s still early in the campaign calendar…but if Sarah Palin doesn’t say something soon, she’s going to be playing catch up. She has enormous name recognition, but she needs to get her message out to those who are in her negative column, and that’s the tough part. Of course, she had to suspend the bus tour for jury duty, thereby confounding the silly media folks once again.

My knee-jerk response today is that Bachmann will get a much more positive response than Palin. I’m kind of sorry to say that, but I think it’s probably true.

A 1-2  of Cain/Bachmann or Bachmann/Cain might just be dangerous. I don’t know if they could be nominated though. They certainly are saying the right things, more than any other candidates I’ve heard, when it comes to liberty, the Constitution, and low taxes. Can they convince some of those Americans who want security over freedom, largesse over tax relief, that this is the way to go? God, I hope so…


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