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Tea Party Congresscritters: No way, John

July 29, 2011

One unhappy camper.

Apparently House Speaker John Boehner was handed another defeat yesterday when the newly-elected, tea-party aligned representatives played tough and rejected his bill. As if he didn’t have enough trouble getting it uphill through the Senate and then past His Royal Highness, who is really only interested in His reelection.

My prediction is that Boehner is not going to remain Speaker for very long. If this was a British-style House of Commons, he would not be able to hold his coalition together; he would not survive a vote of confidence. (I know the analogy isn’t exact, but you get the gist, right?)

I think he’s a nice enough guy. He can talk the talk. But when he gets back to Washington he can only think in the old ways of thinking, shuffling payments around, reducing rates of growth on paper, stuff like that, which has been business as usual for decades in Congress.

The Town Hall I attended last spring gave me a read on the folks around here that said, loud and clear, that the people were done with the legislative tweaking. It’s time to put up, shut up, and make the changes we need to save our country from the crazy spendthrifts. It was also very obvious that if our elected representatives…not our leaders, but our representatives…don’t do our bidding, they will not be reelected.

The 2012 elections may be the most interesting in a long time. If we’re having such a hard time in Congress over a debt limit extension, real substantive change will be nearly impossible for this group of people. I think more and more Americans are seeing that. Many of them are going to be ready to replace those people, whether they lose perks to their districts or not.

What I can’t understand is this business that America’s credit rating will be lowered if we act in a financially responsible manner. I’m sure there’s some convoluted explanation, but a lot of folks are like me and we don’t get it. Unfortunately for those who understand the details, we vote. Sorry guys. To us, if we get our financial house in order, we think we’re a better credit risk. We are way overextended now. If we are way in debt as a family, it’s hard to get a loan. People understand that.  If we reduce our debt, we have a better chance of getting that car loan, and at a better rate. Why shouldn’t America be the same?

I didn’t think the Tea Party folks would have so much influence. It’s pretty amazing to see what control they seem to have in the House. This will be an interesting few days…


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