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Who’s ahead in the GOP Presidential race?

September 14, 2011

If the polls can be believed, Amurrica wants somebody who looks like this for President. (Remember, this guy was Canadian, folks!)

The last two debates were apparently the Duels of the Chins. Bachmann was at first marginalized, then in the next debate she chose to attack Perry. Unfortunately she didn’t let up, and continued after the debate was over. Her attacks on the Gardasil decision went too far, I think. I understand why she brought it up and I think it’s good to bring it up, but after a point she didn’t do herself any more good staying on that point. We need to know what she stands for, not what she doesn’t like about Perry.

I know lots of people think it’s a two-man race. I hope not. I want to hear more from Herman Cain and from Newt Gingrich. Both have some really good ideas and I think either could be truly excellent Presidents. I don’t know enough about Rick Santorum to make a judgement, except to know that he has some strong conservative principles. I just don’t want the media to choose our candidate. I think that’s how we ended up with McCain last time.

Ron Paul gives libertarianism a bad name sometimes. If he wants to be the voice of libertarians, I guess I would like him to be a “reasonable libertarian.” I’ve tried to embrace the Libertarians (capital L) but I can’t reconcile their principles with the real world. I’d love to live in the world of L. Neil Smith’s “The Probability Broach” but we can’t undo 200 years overnight. Dr. Paul’s son Rand sounds more reasonable and may have real potential in the future, but the elder Paul is kind of a distraction right now. (Although I have to agree with him about getting rid of the Federal Reserve.)

Huntsman, I dunno. I can’t figure him out and I don’t think I care. He’s not ignited any interest in me at all. Plus he worked for Obama – bad dog, no biscuit.

I guess Newt somehow made himself unelectable back in the day. The ethics sanction levied against him in 1997 would be considered almost nothing today, more of an interpretation of tax law than an outright attempt to skirt the tax code. In fact, it probably wasn’t enough to qualify Newt to work in the Obama Administration!

He probably got hammered more for the couple of government shutdowns in 1995 and 1996. He had to hold the line on spending, but just as today, some “moderate” Republicans were concerned about how they would be viewed.  Newt also always came across as a brilliant “policy wonk,” but was no “great communicator” like Reagan.

If he doesn’t get elected, I hope he gets a cabinet position, or some other high-level advisory post. The new President needs his knowledge and ideas. He or she will also need Herman Cain’s business insight and no-nonsense attitude. I hope the new President will be smart enough to use these folks. I guess what I’m looking for is a combination of the people up there – the fire of Michele Bachmann, the heart of Rick Santorum, the experience of Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, the intelligence of Newt Gingrich, and the common sense of Herman Cain. How the hell do we do this?

I think Newt has a lot of good ideas and always has, but I think he’s been written off by a lot of folks. Just remember, at this time in the last election, Huckabee looked like the one to bet on…


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