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This is how it starts…

September 28, 2011

North Carolina (Democratic) Governor Bev Perdue “joked” about suspending elections in 2012 “just to help the country recover.” She is dealing with a Republican Senate and House in North Carolina, but she was apparently referring to the US Senate and House elections.

Apparently she is just dumb enough to actually say it. Not that it’s not been considered, I’m sure, by the far left. They know that Obama is nosediving fast and taking Democrat congressmen with him. Some folks may actually be looking at the scorched-earth scenario.

Now, yes, it sounds crazy to me, but practically everything that has gone on in government since 2001 has sounded that way to me. Just the name “Department of Homeland Security” sounded awfully totalitarian to me…and the TSA is, without a doubt, the second-worst example of government bureaucrats given a ridiculous amount of power they should not have. And yes, I know that was done during the Bush administration. I thought it wouldn’t actually help and would cause undue hardship on the airline industry and passengers, and I still think I was right.

That opened the door. Now, if they can force McDonald’s to remove fries from Happy Meals, they can regulate pretty much anything they want with no real recourse for regular Americans. People keep saying, “can’t somebody do something about this?” The answer, more often than not, seems to be, “No.”

And with Obama, “we won,” so he could do anything he wanted. After the 2010 elections his agenda was stalled and his popularity started to fall. But whenever a totalitarian state finds itself threatened, it closes ranks…and since this statist government wanted to maintain the appearance of a representative democracy, we were allowed to go through the motions. Districts were gerrymandered so that little or no change in party ever happened and the balance of power didn’t change. Except – it did, the Tea Party came into existence, and those statist folks are running scared. I’m not surprised that someone suggested postponing elections. If the elections would be held on time, it’s very likely there would be a change of administration, the House would become more Republican (and more conservative), the Senate could even become Republican…and we can’t have that. Of course, that mix of elected representatives couldn’t possibly get us out of the predicament in which we find ourselves. We have to have the same folks we have now – the ones who don’t seem to have a clue as to how they could fix a flat tire, let alone the largest economy of the world.

We’re not in a war, where we need that firm hand on the tiller. In fact, during wartime, we continued to hold elections. Why now?

Because the far left sees the sea change, and it scares them. I think Ms. Perdue told us more than she thought she did, just doing a little speech before a Rotary Club. Oops.

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