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Debates – what are they for, again?

October 19, 2011

Presidential Candidate Herman Cain

I didn’t watch the Presidential debate last night. I haven’t watched any of them. Like Inigo Montoya, I think you are not using that word correctly. I see these debates as opportunities for normally respectable human beings – those we are considering as leaders of our country – to squabble, belittle each other, and engage in silly junior high school games of gotcha.

The big excitement last night was supposed to be that everybody would be gunning for Herman Cain. Why? He’s up in the polls, right now, probably because he looks like the adult in the room. I like what Michele Bachmann stands for but the “999 upside down” thing is below her. Find a more substantive way to talk about tax code problems we all know we have. Romney and Perry look like two high school class presidents trying to look pretty to their girlfriends, and make the other one look bad or lose his composure. What did everybody expect, a fistfight? Gingrich and Santorum are probably the two smartest people on the stage but they are poor copy for the media because they don’t do good sound bites, so they are relegated to the background.

I’ve always said that the skills needed to govern are not the skills required to get elected. Having both is rare indeed. These debates prove absolutely nothing except even good people can be goaded into behaving badly if they want something enough.

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