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It’s time to get past this “indiscretions” crap.

December 7, 2011

Let's not wait for a Presidential candidate like this...

My subscription to Human Events drives me crazy. I just received the November 14 issue. I know they mail by the least expensive way possible, but I’ve received the next couple of issues past that already. It’s not very timely for a weekly news magazine.

However, I get it because I can read Ann Coulter. Don’t jump away just yet – frankly, I don’t care if you like her or not. Doesn’t matter. She brings up facts here, not just opinion, and it shows just exactly what has been going on to keep you from being able to select your Presidential candidate fairly.

It’s not entirely the fault of “others.” We as voters suck at this game, most of the time. I’ll get to that. First, Ann’s article is about David Axelrod and how he has been destroying opposition candidates by bringing up accusations of sexual indiscretions. Go read it. I’ll wait.

I’ve spoken about how Obama became a US Senator by default before. I never put Axelrod into the mix, though. I knew about the Chicago Tribune digging up the Jack Ryan sealed divorce records and not actually finding facts, just innuendo about Ryan and his wife visiting sex clubs.

Remember, Jack Ryan was married to then up-and-coming actress Jeri Ryan. (Seven of Nine for all you geeks, she’s on Body of Proof right now.) What they did was done as consenting adults. I remember something about her later saying that he “forced her” to go to them – in Paris, no less! – but this was a woman who wanted to retain custody of her child. Think about anyone you know who went through a divorce and had children. Can you honestly say that everything said to the judge by both parties involved was the truth? Or that it wasn’t spun to put the spouse in the worst possible light?

Apparently Axelrod was involved in digging into those sealed records. Then information was leaked to the Tribune, which sent lawyers to LA to ask the court to unseal them. (According to Coulter, both Ryans objected to that.)

Well, as Rush Limbaugh has often pointed out, it’s not the nature of the evidence, it’s the seriousness of the charge. The Illinois Republican party, never a group with the strongest backbone on a good day, completely folded on Ryan in August and, after some dithering, brought in Alan Keyes as a carpetbagger candidate. Keyes is no dummy. He actually did a creditable job, but had no money, no reputation in Illinois, and really no support from the party. Of course he got pounded in the general election in November. (Keyes was brought in because all of the high-level possible candidates in Illinois turned it down, knowing it was too much of an uphill battle with two months to go.)

Coulter also talks about Axelrod’s connections to the women who brought up the allegations against Herman Cain. Odd how those who accused him of sexual harassment were from Chicago…a state Cain never lived in. Axelrod doesn’t have to be confined to Chicago, of course, but he had the opportunity to act locally and affect politics nationally.

Even if he wasn’t responsible – let’s say for a minute he had nothing to do any of these things – we have seen, time and time again, that if you want to remove a Republican candidate, make accusations about sexual indiscretions.

Some may be founded. Some may not. Generally, we don’t find out. The candidate disappears, like Ryan, or if already in office, resigns. It’s a very rare thing when a candidate fights these kinds of allegations. Even Herman Cain has “suspended” his campaign without any proof of any of the charges made against him.

Democrats rarely have the same problems. We had a sitting President doing things worse than ninety per cent of all the accusations made against Republicans, and he emerged unscathed. Another was known to be having an affair with a well-known movie star but it was kept quiet. Jimmy Carter was the most moral of Presidents, at least in some ways, but he was also a complete mess as a Chief Executive. Obama apparently does not have these kinds of issues (that we know of) but he’s been even worse. I can’t say anything good about Lyndon Johnson except he was extremely effective at getting legislation passed…but then, he was supposed to know everything about everyone in Congress.

I say: take that out of the equation. Reagan was married twice, the second time to, apparently, his soul mate. The accusations made against him never got any traction. No traction to any Obama accusations. One was the best President of the 20th century, and one will go down in history as one of our worse Presidents.

Let’s judge candidates for what they are able to propose as ways to make America better. Not make Americans’ lives better – that’s up to us. All he (or she) can do is help make the conditions better for our success. When the chips were down, nobody said Kirk couldn’t save the Enterprise because he had recently nailed yet another green alien chick. He was a leader. I don’t see the connection between these indiscretions and generating and promoting policies that would help America. We’re in dire straits now, folks, and we can’t spend our time and energy focused on things that have no bearing on the ability to lead.

OK, now, folks: make a case for how sexual indiscretions are indicators of a person’s inability to lead the country. We would like a Captain America, but we can’t sit around waiting for him.


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