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Gasoline prices and the insanity of Federal regulations, and how we can fix this!

March 11, 2012

Over on my other blog I put up a piece citing an article in Investors Business Daily about what could be done to lower gas prices. I invite you to read it.

The conclusions I reached, such as they are, have to do with why we as Americans seem to feel so disenfranchised as to allow our elected representatives in Congress to make such ridiculous laws as they do – even laws that levy fines if oil refiners don’t use products that don’t even exist.

I am constantly astounded by the way we as a nation seem to allow our Federal government to create and enforce such bizarre laws and regulations. The President can flagrantly ignore the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and any previous law he finds interfering with his goals. No one seems to get upset by this – well, the conservative talk radio hosts do, like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin. Apparently most people just don’t care.

I don’t advocate the violent overthrow of the government, but I do advocate the overthrow of the current Congress and administration – using the Constitutional means of doing so, the ballot box. This year’s elections are perhaps the most important in the history of our nation, my friends. Not only the Presidential election, although we have recently seen what the wrong person in the White House can do in a few short years to destroy much of what we as a nation have worked for for decades. The Congressional elections and state and local elections are vitally important as well.

So what can I do? I’m just one voter! Get informed. Don’t believe what you are told. Get the facts. The internet is the greatest tool ever for getting the truth about things to masses of people quickly, easily and cheaply. Go find out. Most issues can’t be reduced to a 15-second sound bite. Do your research. It is our duty as Americans to run this nation in the best way we can. We can only do this if we make intelligent choices in our elected representatives.

I think Benjamin Franklin said something about us getting the government we deserve. I’m very afraid he is exactly right.

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