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Keep up the skeer!

May 30, 2012

I guess the actual quote is “Get ’em skeered and keep the skeer on ’em.” as said by Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest of the Confederacy. He was the very definition of “larger than life” and had a variety of interesting quotes attributed to him. (In fact, his entire life was…colorful!) His most famous quote is usually truncated to “keep up the skeer” and has been useful by many writers in a variety of contexts.

In this case, I’m referring to the Democratic Party and the liberal left in general. Through no fault of my own I ended up on an email list for If you have read any of my previous material, here or elsewhere, you know I’m about as far from a leftist as you can get – but I find the emails very enlightening.

The most recent one is titled “We might have to pull the plug,” and nothing could make me happier. Apparently George Soros isn’t bankrolling them enough, and they are looking for donations. In fact, they are crying out for even $ 5 donations!

They cite registration of young voters, bringing Elizabeth Warren into the US Senate, and “fighting voter suppression” as primary goals. They’ve already given up on the recall effort in Wisconsin against Governor Walker. I particularly like what they say in the email about this voter suppression thing:

Republicans have passed a wave of laws aimed at making it harder to vote for African Americans, students, and poor people. If turnout goes down by even a couple percentage points among these key voting blocs, that could be disastrous. 

Huh? The only efforts I know of to restrict voting have to do with eliminating voting by illegals. Generally, that’s taken the form of requiring some form of identification to vote – just like you need to have to get a driver’s license, rent a car, cash a check (If anyone still does that), or even get a library card!

The voter registration statement is particularly disingenuous since, at least in Illinois, it has been the Democratic Party that has historically promoted voter fraud. We joke around here about “vote early, vote often,” but like much of humor, it’s based on fact. The recent pressure from the left to not require identification for voting is clearly a way to permit illegals to vote – primarily immigrants from Mexico, whom the Democrats believe will vote for them over those eeeevil Republicans. It’s as blatant as can be, but I’m afraid some squishy folks will be sucked into it anyway and not realize it is merely another illegal grab for power.

One more bit from the email:

In 2006, before anyone else was even talking about it, we announced plans to take back Congress from the Republicans. We made over 7 million phone calls to occasional voters to help fuel the Democratic takeover of Congress.

And then, in 2010, a completely grass-roots effort took the House back. Heh.

So things are looking up, my friends. The folks who are determined to control you are finding their defenses crumbling all around them. If they are whining about getting just a $5 donation from each person, you know their donations have fallen far off. A recent Gallup poll shows the possibility of The Current Occupant of the While House losing the election – and in a landslide. It’s not time to sit back and coast, but the wind seems to be changing. Now is the time to “keep up the skeer”!



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