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He must be doing something right

August 14, 2012

As I have related in the past, I somehow found myself on a email list. Heh.

Today I received a list of the 10 things they don’t like about Paul Ryan. Of course, some of those are distortions of the facts, others are outright lies, and others are actually true but I’m sure many people would not find them so terrible or so wrong.

The best part is that in the last paragraph he is actually called a “right-wing extremist.”

If you, like myself, thought we had a squishy moderate for a Presidential candidate, at least we have a strong conservative VP pick. How do I know? All strong conservatives are considered “right wing extremists” by MoveOn and their ilk. Well, except for Ann Coulter, who I think they believe is the antichrist.

Oh, wait, if you’re a really good liberal you don’t believe in God, right? Well, then just fill in the most horrible thing imaginable for your description of Ann. That will work.

One of the ten things was that Ryan apparently once expressed admiration for Ayn Rand. Ohh…noooo…not Ayn Rand! Um, MoveOn guys and gals (they hate that): Atlas Shrugged is one of the most-printed books in history. From first publication to 2009, the book sold over 7 million copies, and consistently 70-90,000 books per year. In 2009, for some reason (!) it sold over $ 500,000!

I have a print version, an ebook, and two audiobook versions, myself. And I bought one copy for a friend last  year.

Romney’s pick of Ryan shows he is pragmatic – nobody knows the Federal budget like Ryan – and that he is much more fearless than I thought. I was afraid we were going to get another moderate. The only pick I can think of that was thrown around that I would have liked better would be Bobby Jindal.

Actually, a team of Jindal and Ryan would have been a real Dream Team for me…but what we have got a lot better last weekend!

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