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Paul Ryan clearly lays out the Romney-Ryan plan

August 24, 2012

Paul Ryan spoke to Mark Levin on his radio show on Wednesday night about the plans he and Mitt Romney have for their administration. He lays out their beliefs and plans clearly and succinctly. I’ve not heard a Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate state their plans this clearly since…well, since Ronald Reagan. It’s not just that I essentially agree with what they believe, it’s that they have it so figured out. Even if you are not a supporter of RR, I urge you to listen. No excess emotion, no pandering, just straightforward talk about how to fix America.

I was never a big Romney guy, but the alternative is so scary I would have, as Levin has said, “voted for an orange juice can over Obama.” I never knew much about Ryan except for his work on the Federal budget. This guy is the real deal…he may be the best candidate we have had in three decades. I thought we would have been in better shape in 2008 if the Republican ticket were reversed. I’m beginning to believe that’s even more true with this one…but I’ll take it either way. He has the depth of knowledge about the workings of the Federal government that Sarah Palin lacked, and I sincerely believe his heart is in the right place. I don’t get the feeling he is in it for the power. I think this guy might just be the One we’ve been looking for, conservatives…

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