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Fox News the only outlet to tell us what happened in Libya

October 29, 2012

I watched Bret Baier’s special report last night bring his viewers back up to speed on Benghazi. Despite the urging of Jerry Rivers, AKA Geraldo Rivera to back off until after the election, Fox News has gone full-bore at trying to get at the truth behind this complete cluster-youknowwhat.

There is enough blame to go around on this mess, and more information is coming out all the time.

Say what you want – if this was President Romney’s watch, NBC, CBS, and ABC would be all over it.

MSNBC would be screaming and CNN would be looking concerned, but nobody watches them, so whothehellcares?

Saying this is like Watergate shows how little the news folks know about Watergate. It wasn’t a good thing, but it was stupid, super-dedicated second-tier guys doing stupid stuff in the name of the President. This is a bumbling administration that dropped the ball in the West Wing, the State Department and the Department of Defense.

If they replay that report, watch it – it lays out a clear timeline of events there. It was a far larger event than most of us realize. Up to 200 attackers, an attack that lasted hours. There will be, if there is any justice, a recognition of many heroes beyond the two brave ex-SEALS who picked up guns dropped by escaping Libyan security forces charged with the protection of the embassy who ran from the fight. Those two men took out at least 60 of the attackers by themselves, if reports I read are accurate.

This is why I no longer read political thrillers. Real life is far scarier than anything Tom Clancy can dream up.

And now we have an east-coast snowstorm/cat 1 hurricane, so Libya will be moved off the front page so we can show more pictures of  trees down and waves hitting the shore. Nobody covered the big storms we had a couple of years ago in Chicago like this, because they can say they are interested in the whole US, but the news media really is only interested in the New York – Washington corridor. Sorry, rest of the US…and Ohio, after the election they won’t even know where you are and will be back to confusing you with Iowa, like Grampa Joe Biden.


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