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Well, it’s about time to throw in the towel

December 5, 2012

No, the blog isn’t going away, although I know it is sporadic. Since the election I’ve been looking, as others have, for a different way. We need to save our country, and I really don’t know how. I know that pandering to the other side, to be come “liberals lite,” is NOT the way.

I’m not an advocate of secession, although I don’t see why a state or states can’t do it. We are the United States of America, and very few countries have been established by tying together a group of smaller governmental entities. We were the model for such a government, at least until 1860.

One of these days I need to get my head around the Civil War. More and more I’m of a mind that it wasn’t a good idea, and was actually illegal; L. Neil Smith wrote a piece years ago on Lincoln and the changes created in American government as a result of the Civil War. I invite you to read it with an open mind, and really consider what he says. He says it forcefully, and depending upon how much American History you got in school it could be mind-bending, but he makes a good case.

As readers of this blog know, I’ve read the Anti-Federalist Papers, which were written to inform people of the dangers of a stronger central government at the time when the Constitution was ratified. I would first and foremost like to see our Constitution followed with a very narrow interpretation of its meaning, but if you read these documents you will see that the writers predicted exactly what has happened as government has grown out of control.

But I digress. I’m listening to the radio right now, where Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan and are backpedaling, and John Boehner is caving to the Democrats in Congress and to Obama. I can’t say that the Republican Party of today represents me or my beliefs. I think it only did for a short while, when it was the party of Ronald Reagan, but he himself was an outsider. Recall that he was maneuvered out of the Presidential candidacy in 1976 in favor of big-government country club Republican Gerald Ford. I think the party of Nelson Rockefeller is really what it has been  for the last half-century, and, for the foreseeable future, what it will be.

Of course, there are conservative Republicans out there, but they are overwhelmed by the squishy ones. The squishy ones aren’t RINOs, they are Today’s True Republicansconservatives are the true RINOs today, because we do not agree with the big-government beliefs of the party.

I can’t support the Republican Party anymore. I don’t know that I’m ready to jump to the American Conservative Party, or the Libertarian Party. just yet, though.  I guess for a while I’m one of those “Independents,” but not because I have no beliefs, but because mine are at odds with both parties.

I don’t know how a smaller party can really influence government, and I’m sure I will still vote for Republicans for office far more than I will Democrats, but I cannot in good conscience say I’m a Republican any longer. That saddens me.

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