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And the GOP blinked…again.

October 11, 2013

From what I can gather tonight (10:30 PM on Friday 10.11.13), the House and Senate Republicans are falling all over themselves to give the President what he demanded in order to stop the “slimdown” and raise the debt ceiling. He hasn’t accepted anything yet, and probably will extract as many concessions from them as possible before giving them the OK.

Various folks have referred to the last couple of weeks in Washington as “kabuki theater” – although the term is used incorrectly – but it gets the point across. All of this was done for show, except for the full-court press led by Ted Cruz, who is still a believer that something can be done about this mess in Washington. I think the Senate GOP leadership never wanted any of this to happen, and were forced into it by the House and by a few conservatives, notably Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Cruz. Apparently the polls show that Americans know Obamacare will be a total disaster, and if they had had a voice in it in the first place it never would have become the nightmare-in-waiting we have on our doorstep.

The debt ceiling thing just complicated matters. The GOP really doesn’t want to hold fast on the debt ceiling any more than the Democrats do – they want the money to throw around too, after all – but they think they need to look like they are against it. In that way they are as big a bunch of liars and hypocrites as the Democrats.

And the Imperial President finally deigns to give them an audience, then tells them what to do. Again. And they cave, again. And they pat themselves on the back for how tough they were. Again.

And we get screwed. Again.

Both Hannity and Levin have come out saying today that the GOP Congressional leadership needs to be replaced. I agree wholeheartedly. But Boehner is a lock in his district for probably forever, and who wants that job? It practically has to go to somebody who isn’t very bright or very dynamic – and certainly not anyone principled.

There is at least one Constitutionalist-type Republican challenger for Mitch McConnell’s seat, maybe more. hard to believe Kentucky elected Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell, but there it is. Illinois has a squishy Republican (Mark Kirk, still not up to full speed from his stroke) and a real hard-left Democrat (Dick Durbin), so I guess anything is possible.

Waiting for the slow change of elections looked good from the Framers’ point of view, where it could take weeks to travel to the capital by horse. The whole pace of life was so different from today. Now a totally bullshit 10,000 page bill can be rammed through Congress in a heartbeat, and no one even reads it. I don’t know if the Republic can survive until we can clean these idiots out.

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