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About Keep Americans Free!

I set up this site on July 4, 2010. I’ve become increasingly concerned about our country and the direction our leaders have taken. Will I have anything original to add to the discussion? Perhaps not. I can’t see us only changing by tiny little bits, fighting for every inch back from the brink. I also can’t see us becoming completely Libertarian overnight. And I certainly can’t see us becoming socialist – I don’t think Americans will let that go much further!

The problem is that the mass media, and many of the politicians and pundits, can’t see the forest for the trees. They tend to focus on minutiae, either because they can’t seem to see further or because they believe they can lead us where they wish that way. Wee need to focus on the basics – we cannot give up our basic freedoms! We’ve gone too far that way already, sometimes by tiny steps and sometimes by leaps. We have to refocus our efforts on preserving liberty, not on these subtle differences the political parties would have us look at.

So first look at the Bill of Rights. Enforce them, and most everything else falls into place. Ignore them, or allow our leaders to ignore them, and we become enslaved.

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